Weekly Pull Requests: git init

Hello again. I decided to start the new year with a fresh post. Looking back to 2021 and seeing I haven’t written as I hoped, it seems that I did something wrong along the way. This year I’ll try something different.


The main reason for setting a goal to write technical blog posts was to improve my writing. I want to refine my technical writing to convey my understanding of a problem and how I approach solving it. I also want to create something concrete so that I could track my steps and see how far I can go.

But this plan failed. I wanted to find the perfect topic to about. I couldn’t choose what to write, deleted some of my drafts, and took a break. And that pattern lead to my ultimate procrastination. Almost to the point of redesigning the site itself. You know, the usual my website feels slow and laggy, I should change the design phase.

What is this?

But the thing is, I was writing non-stop. Not to the blog, but one of the habits I started in the middle of the year stuck with me. Journalling. I used it to align my day and make my reflections easier. But the idea of writing every day kind of persisted and I am doing it ever since I started it. It seemed an interesting idea to put this habit to test

Also, I have difficulties with picking something to write about. I set the goal of writing more posts in 2021 and failed. Then I thought putting it out there flat and producing some content weekly no matter what. So Weekly Pull Requests is born.

I decided that there should not be a limitation about what I write. For specific technical stuff I am still planning to write blog posts. These weekly nuggets may contain interesting stuff about coding or anything that would be a good conversation topic. The main goal is to write and share. I am hoping that striving to write in this format force me to test how I search and digest information as well, so yeah. It will be fun.

Why the Name?

Currently, I use Hugo for my website. It is a static site generator framework written in go. To post something new, I usually create a branch, copy the post from Obsidian where I actually store all my writings, then commit. I thought it would be cool to call it weekly pull requests since that’s what I’ll be doing every week (if all goes according to plan). I am sure that a considerable amount of my time over the upcoming weeks will go to how can I automate this writing process and transfer my writing from Obsidian to both my personal website and to this newsletter.

Thanks for reading this far. As you can guess from the title of the post, it is the kick start of this series. If you find this on my website, as I post the new issues, I’ll link them together. Otherwise, you can check out other issues from here.

See you next week.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.