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Weekly PR's Week 3: Trying out new things

Hello There! Each week I try to write about the interesting stuff I dabble with whether it’s programming related or not, purely for self entertaintment purposes. Feedback is most welcome!

What this week is about ?

With the third week, I’ve come to a point that I am not sure what to write. Don’t get me wrong. I was expecting this, but surprised that it’s that soon. I had to open the first issue of the newsletter to remind myself what kind of topics I said I could write about. It is that bad, that quickly. I realized that not every week I might have an interesting topic to write about. Not every week I am committed to trying something new, learning something new. Sometimes it is okay to just stare to the ceiling. Just like right now as I am writing this issue.

I decided to keep it short and random this week. Instead of something specific, I’d like to talk about the things that caught my attention during the week.

Huberman Podcast

This podcast has been on my podcast list for a while. I have started to listen to podcasts a lot during the pandemic. This was an unexpected but welcoming addition to my habits. I was listening this one in random order among other podcasts but after a while I decided the listen it in order from the start. Let me tell you, if you do it as well, oh boy you are in for a treat. It is both fun and filled with actionable advices. I am planning to catch up on all of my remaining episodes. If you see this and decide to give a podcasts a shot. Try this app. It has a quite enjoyable user experience in both iOS and Android and it handles 2x playback speed very smoothly similar to Overcast.

Economics 101

I’ve started to read this book last week and it’s been an enjoyable read so far. It is basically a refresher for the fundamental economics concepts. I wanted to take a break from my current reading list and try something different. After this is done, back to finishing Google SWE book.

React Native & Jetpack Compose

One my goals for 2022 is to learn Jetpack Compose in depth. Using a declarative style of programming is not a new concept. Thing that makes Jetpack Compose interesting is that the layer that makes the compose work, the runtime layer, has a potential to be applied to other use cases besides UI generation.

Other than learning Jetpack Compose, I wanted to learn a separate framework just to have fun and work on something different than Android (which I do professionally). Flutter was another option but React Native Framework and the whole ecosystem seems more interesting at the moment. To make it more interesting, I decided to learn Typescript as well. Using Javascript is fun but you know what is more fun? Deterministic type system and knowing that the code you write has a little chance of breaking or throwing out obscure exceptions.

It might be a bit much to aim to learn two separate declarative frameworks in depth but having a alternative option to work on when the other one starts to burn you out seemed more reasonable approach. The more burning out the merrier.

Closing thoughts

Well, this update issue was not what I have in mind but I am still experimenting so it counts nonetheless. See you around next week.