Hello There

Yes this is my first post. And if you happen to open this website right now you can witness all of its non-existing glory. Well, there is a reason for that. The thing is I’ve always wanted to do a little project like this. But things got in the way and I never found the right oppourtunity to start. Upon the realization that if I wait for the perfect moment any longer, this project might be delayed further than I anticipated. So I deleted my old repository that was literally beginning to gather dust equivalent of what things supposed to become when they are untouched for too long on the internet, deprecated in some sense and git inited this new shiny repository with basically nothing in it.

I love to code and learn new things and I continue to pursue this passion of mine. But maintaining a website was something I’ve never done. So I’ve decided that the busiest period of my life would be the perfect time to do a side project.

For now, this site will be on github pages. I am planning to move all of this to a private server for convenience at some point but right now as you can see the design is far from below average. It will be a fun experience to build something totally from scratch. That’s why I won’t use any premade theme or solution to my design ideas and will implement them myself.

So overall, The main purpose of this website of course is to make this some sort of platform for my ideas, practises and the things I’ve learnt and wanted to share. Designing it will be an extra, fun side project.

See you on next posts.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.